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Introduction to drones and preparation for the license

Learn the basics of drone technology and regulations while gaining practical knowledge and skills in drone operations. This course is perfect for begi......

Start Date: 2023-02-22

End Date: 2024-11-29

Tips for flying your drone for media purposes (Beginners Level)

Course 2 is designed for beginners who want to learn tips and tricks for flying their drone for media purposes. Gain practical knowledge on how to cap......

Start Date: 2023-03-01

End Date: 2023-04-14

Advanced course for flying your drone for media purposes ( Includes Areal Cinematography)

Course 3 is an advanced training program for experienced drone pilots who want to take their media skills to the next level. Learn advanced techniques......

Start Date: 2023-03-03

End Date: 2023-03-11

Optimising the industrial use of your drone

Course 4 is focused on teaching you how to properly maintain your drone. Learn how to perform routine maintenance checks, troubleshoot common issues,......

Start Date: 2023-02-24

End Date: 2023-03-03

Using your drone for Entertainment

Course 5 is designed for professionals who want to optimize the industrial use of their drone. Learn how to leverage drone technology to improve effic......

Start Date: 2023-02-16

End Date: 2023-03-03

Utilizing Drones for Security Purposes

Course 6 is focused on using your drone for entertainment purposes. Learn how to capture stunning footage of events, festivals, and performances using......

Start Date: 2023-02-11

End Date: 2023-03-02